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Hey there! I’m a Senior Art Director with over a decade

of experience and a passion for crafting visual stories that captivate and inspire.

I have the wonderful job of merging my talents to integrate the beautiful with the functional. More than just pushing pixels, I relish in leading teams to push the envelope and craft compelling narratives that resonate. Whether it’s a drool-worthy social activation, an engaging video campaign or a mojo-making brand engagement, I bring a dedication to passion and precision to every endeavor.

I've had the joy of working with giants like HBO, Google, Netflix, Hulu, Credit Karma, and TikTok, to blend creativity with strategic vision and deliver cutting-edge campaigns. 

Beyond the screen, you can find me exploring the outdoors, attending live music and comedy events, destroying my competition at board games, or spending the night in cooking and reading.

Oh, and it's pronounced "Fla - vee - ah".

Let's get in touch! I'd love the opportunity to prove myself. 

© Flavia Salvadori 2024

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