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Corporate Homepage
UI & UX Design

As Netflix becomes more of a global service, they requested from Incubeta, a proposal for a geo-targeted corporate landing page that better explains the basics of who they are and what they do to new members, potential members, press and beyond. Netflix requested a hub for: the company blog, social channels, office locations, job boards, leadership, history and culture, media center and investor relations. We designed two options– one which closely mimicked their low fidelity wireframes (Option A), and a second version (Option B) which opted for a less traditional experience.


Following along with the provided wires, Option A provides a single scroll site with a visually interesting yet recognizable layout. Each subsection focuses on the hierarchy of given categories and enables easy navigation with consistent button arrows throughout.


Option A implements Netflix brand guidelines with the use of typography, The Stack, Ribbon element, and photography; while also implementing new and subtle branded features. Note the white arched navigation bar– inspired by the arc in Netflix logo!


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Option B takes a more fresh and modern approach to the Netflix corporate landing page.


Instead of a single scroll site, this option categorizes the content in to separate pages. As the user clicks each navigation category, a new page slides in from the right (landing page does not reload) to reveal a host of uniquely organized tiles. Tiles will animate on load and reorganize depending on the amount of tiles. Various tile sizes indicate the hierarchy of the items and link directly out to external pages.


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